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These are premises, on which we would like to build our mutual relations. Today we would like to offer you an awareness of new possibilities, which we would like to create for you. Our team is available to answer all your questions. Thanks to an international operating rang we can offer our recipients a wide range of food products, household chemicals and forwarding services of the highest quality.

 As a matter of fact, this team is simply the sum of experiences, which yesterday were just dreams and today they become reality because of hard work.

TLS CENTRUM is a professional partner for each and every person, who conducts a business activity - particularly for wholesale and retail trade, production as well as for shops. Our major advantage is a wide product range at attractive prices. We still expand range of the offered products in order to meet all expectations of our customers. Moreover, we do our best to offer our customers the highest quality of services.

Our offer includes food and industrial articles, which are adjusted to the contractors’ needs.

 Due to very hard and solid work we have today appropriate skills and conditions to provide services at the top level.

Thanks to our Customers we are able to develop in a dynamic manner. We care for and concentrate on their needs. Each day we meet the market requirements. Moreover, we offer a wide scope of promotions, motivation programs and sales support programs.

 We provide our services in whole Europe. We cooperate directly with the leading producers from the respective market segments.  We always do our best to offer our customers the most advantageous financial conditions.

The further development on the national and international market is a consequence of the successful results and relates to new investments and creating attractive job offers.

Why TLS?


Our enabler is a satisfaction with development. We prove not only ourselves but above all entrepreneurs, with whom we cooperate that nothing is impossible. We believe that a company from Poland can easily compete with foreign competitors.

The aim of the company is provision of logistic, forwarding, outsourcing services, as well as achieving the top position on the national and international market. We are one of the fastest developing companies in a transport, forwarding and logistic branch in Poland.

The national and international forwarding belongs together with trade to the most important scope of our activity. We organize forwarding services in a professional and complex way. Our employees have an experience in a goods forwarding and they always choose the optimized way to meet the client’s requirements.

Because of the increasing demand on the cargo areas we are look forward to establishing relationships with new transport companies.

 We guarantee our Customers the competitive advantage due to our price efficiency, high quality and

friendly customer service. We would like to achieve leading position everywhere we are. With us the international contacts are much easier - we have a qualified staff, who speaks almost all languages in the European Union.

We provide our Customers professional forwarding services, the highest quality and the best means of transport, which are adjusted to the transported goods individually.




Brands connected with our company

"Each big success begins with a decision to try..."

Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.

„Again, everything on time - Thanks!”

TOWAT Sp. z o.o.

“The most important in business is to meet the deadlines - thanks to you it has become a norm …”

RATAJ PUH Ratajski Tomasz

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If you choose TLS CENTRUM you enter a whole new level of possibilities. Are you busy? Your time is very important for us - we know, for you too, as well as quality and price. What’s more, we know what trade and forwarding means.


ul. Pogodna 40, 62-020 Swarzędz, POLAND

KRS: 0000575217  

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REGON: 362459614



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We conduct vehicle fleet

We supply wholesale stores

We supply wholesale stores

We supply wholesale stores

We supply wholesale stores


People, who create TLS Centrum

Tomasz Gruszczyński

Managing director

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Łukasz Gruszczyński

President of the Management Board

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Michał Plutowski

Sales manager

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